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Welcome to the second edition of the Talking Trade newsletter. In this edition, we'll focus on optimising international working capital by connecting the physical supply chain with its financial counterpart and helping to build business resilience. We'll also explore settling invoices in local currencies for international suppliers.

Plus, we'll cover the UK Export Academy by the Department of Business and Trade, offering essential knowledge and tools for selling overseas. Whether you're diving into international trade mechanics or seeking opportunities at trade shows, Lloyds Bank is here to support your importing or exporting ambitions.Find out more in our collection of news and insights.
image capital management
Global events, from elections to weather disasters and conflicts, are heavily impacting businesses' operations and supply chains. Many are prioritising supply chain resilience by on-shoring or 'near-shoring' supplies, or shifting from 'just in time' to 'just in case' inventory models. However, this shift requires better working capital management. In our latest Lloyds Bank Trade Insights report, Abel Martins-Alexandre, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Industrials at Lloyds Bank - himself a former corporate treasurer - discusses the importance of corporate treasurers being involved in strategic conversations across businesses.
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image settling invoices in local currencies
Three reasons why you should consider settling invoices in local currencies
Engaging in global trade has business benefits but can be complex. Paying invoices in GBP may seem simpler, but it's often not the best choice. By settling invoices in a suppliers' local currency there can be benefits, including reducing risk, speeding up processes and saving you money. Here's everything you need to know about making international trade easier, faster, and cheaper by swapping from Sterling to using Euros, Yen, or US Dollars instead.
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Practical tips
to help with your import and export journey
icon Understanding Shipping Pricing and Risk
Understanding shipping, pricing and risk

icon ESG
Learn how to improve
your Environmental, Social & Governance
(ESG) rating

ESG criteria
icon transport
Ensure you are covered when shipping

Transport insurance
icon Sales Contracts
Tips to prepare your next sales agreement

Sales contracts
image UK Export Academy
UK Export Academy
Webinars, videos, training and more
The UK Export Academy is a free online/in-person training programme organised by the UK government's Department of Business and Trade. Its purpose is to support you with the essential knowledge and tools you'll require to sell your products or services overseas. Benefit from three types of events: essential, masterclass and sector-specific, all of which can help to explore global opportunities.
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13-16 June 2024
image green line BBC Good Food
Show Summer

Meet food producers, retailers and consumers, find new products, books and places to eat and drink.

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19-20 June 2024
image green line MOVE

World's #1 tech mobility and start-up show, bringing together the people and companies redefining mobility.

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9-12 July 2024
image green line Great Yorkshire

Celebrating everything agricultural - from livestock to machinery and produce.

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