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Industrial and commercial standards in Venezuela


National Standards Organisations
FONDONORMA, Funds for Normalization and Quality Certification
SENCAMER, National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations
Integration in the International Standards Network
The structure managing Venezuelan standardization and norms is composed of two entities: the FONDONORMA (Funds for Normalization and Quality Certification), a private non-profit association, and another body of the Ministry of Commerce, the SENCAMER. This new organism is a member of the ISO (International Organization of Standardization), of COPANT (Pan-American Standards Commission) and of the IQ Net (International Certification Network).

Some importers have met some difficulties: no foreign standard has been recognized and hence Venezuela makes it compulsory to obtain a certificate.

Classification of Standards
The COVENIN has prepared more than 300 compulsory standards as much for the domestic market as for the import market. The institution itself does not exist anymore (replaced by FONDONORMA), but the norms are still referred to as the "Norms COVENIN". FONDONORMA issues a NORVEN seal of quality to local manufacturers for specific products and services.
Online Consultation of Standards
Consult the standards on COVENIN, FONDONORMA.
Certification Organisations

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