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Industrial and commercial standards in Ukraine


National Standards Organisations
National Standards Agency
Integration in the International Standards Network
In 1996, the ISO 9000 standards were adopted as the national standards.
The Ukrainian government's decree of 1994 imposed a compulsory certification for all products imported into Ukraine. This decree lays down the list of goods subject to certification and adjusts the certification procedures. The certificates can be produced in two ways: on the one hand, there is an acceptance certificate allowing foreign certification, while, on the other hand there is a certificate of conformity published by a certified Ukrainian agency. This decree says that certificates produced by foreign and competent authorities must be issued by a foreign country which adheres to the same Treaties as Ukraine.
The competent Ukrainian mechanism for certification called the Ukrainian State Committee on Standards, Certification and Metrology - Ukr Standard, in Ukraine, has a network of 93 certification subsidiaries and laboratories over the entire country.
Ukraine has passed several new laws and governmental decrees in recent years aimed at improving Ukrainian standard . However, significant problems remain.
Classification of Standards
Classification of Ukrainian standards
Certification Organisations

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