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The distribution network in Togo

Evolution of the Sector
The retail market in Togo is relatively developed. Although reliable figures about the market’s size are not available, several local and foreign chains operate in the country, such as Ramco (who has been present in Togo for more than 40 years), Leader Price, and Champion. The majority of supermarkets are concentrated in the capital Lomé. However, most people in the country buy from neighbours or in local markets (for the food that they cannot cultivate themselves by subsistence farming), especially outside bigger towns. The majority of products sold in supermarkets are imported.
Market share

The following supermarket chains are active in Togo:

  •  Agroboss
  •  Assan's
  •  Champion
  •  CitiMart
  •  Cora
  •  De La Paix
  •  Eco Shop
  •  Global Mart
  •  King Cash
  •  Leader Price
  •  Ramco
Retail Sector Organisations
Association of Big Enterprises of Togo (AGET - Association des Grandes Entreprises du Togo)

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