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Main Useful Means of Transport
Within Thailand, commercial transportation may be divided into five principal modes:
  • Road 81% of total Thailand domestic freight transportation
  • Rail transportation 2%
  • Inland waterway 8.5%
  • Maritime transport 8.5%
Thailand has a coastline of 3,219 km, more than 250 islands, and over 4,000 km of inland waterways. The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT) is responsible for the development and management of Thailand’s major deep-sea ports. Laem Chabang Port is the largest port of Thailand, the 4th largest in the ASEAN region, and the 22nd in the world (2015). It is located in the Eastern Economic Corridor and handles 54% of Thailand’s total import and export. The second largest port is Bangkok Port. To increase Thailand’s competitiveness, the PAT has invested in modernizing ICT and reporting systems, creating a one-stop shop service center, and increasing the port’s capacity. With a mere 8.5% of total freight transport, inland shipping is the second most important type of freight transport in Thailand. The Thai government will further develop river transport by focusing on dredging, building and maintenance of vessels, and port related work.
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Bangkok Airport Freight portal
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
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