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Main Useful Means of Transport
Road freight transport in Sweden represented 68.9% of total transport in 2018 (latest available data from Eurostat), while rail freight transport accounted for 31.3%.
Distribution of domestic goods land transport: 43.5 billion t/km by road, more than 20 billion t/km by train.

Sea transport is vital for Sweden with its 2,700 km of coastline and its many islands. Almost all international transactions are carried out by sea as well as half of domestic trade. The gross weight of goods transported by sea in Swedish ports is almost 200 million tons (Eurostat).
Port of Stockholm
Port of Göteborg
Port of Trelleborg
All Swedish ports
Stockholm Arlanda International Airport
Gothenburg City Airport
Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport
Malmö Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Swedish Maritime Administration (Sjofartsverket)
Air Transport Organisations
Swedish Civil Aviation Administration
Road Transport Organisations
Swedish Road Administration (Vägverket)
Rail Transport Organisations
Swedish Transport Agency
Swedish Transport Administration

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