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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

The industrial sector is well developed. The industrial sector contributes 22.2% to GDP. It is dominated by groups such as Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, ABB, AstraZeneca, Electrolux, Ikea, H&M, etc. Sweden's main manufacturing activities are processing wood, paper, electronic equipment, industrial food preparation, pharmaceutical products, etc. The new sectors of technologies and biotechnologies play significant roles in the economy.

Sector-specific professional associations

69 professional associations listed for Sweden.

Swedish multisector Business directories

Expat.com - Swedish business directory

ezilon Europe - Swedish business directory

Gula Sidorna - Find a business in Sweden

Largest Companies - Database of the largest Nordic companies

Nordicnet - Industry's trade engine for the Nordic countries

Swedyello - Swedish business directory

Swedish Marketplaces

Sample of marketplaces incorporated in Sweden (A to Z)


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Upcoming Trade shows in Sweden

December 9th, 2023
Dance - Music, opera - Theatre - Audio-visual, Multimedia - Audio-visual, sound, video - Cinema - Multimedia - Radio, television - Toys, games, gifts - Press, journalism - Specialised information, business alerts - Digital solutions, Mobile applications
January 4th, 2024
Pet shops
January 19th, 2024
Precision, measures, optics, watches
January 31st, 2024
Food industry - Food industry: unspecified - Alcoholic drinks - Non-alcoholic drinks - Bakery, pastry, confectionery - Cereals, spices, tobacco - Fruits and vegetables - Dry groceries, packaged goods - Dairy products - Fish and seafood - Meat and poultry - Products and services for weddings - Hotels, accommodation - Restaurants, home deliveries - Cafes, bars, nightclubs
February 7th, 2024
Insurance, mutual funds, pension funds - Banks - Investment funds, other financial institutions - Stock Exchange, investments - Financing, aid - Masonry, carpentry, pipework - Real estate - Furnishings - Household equipment
February 7th, 2024
Precision, measures, optics, watches - Graphic art, desktop publishing - Electronic equipment and components - Industry service - Maintenance - Design - Software - Embedded systems - Engineering
February 21st, 2024
Communication, marketing, advertising - Communication - Advertising - Sponsorship - Exhibitions, conferences
March 1st, 2024
Land planning, urban planning - Construction, public works - Masonry, carpentry, pipework - Waterproofing, roofing, plumbing, carpentry - Painting, door and window frames, wall and floor coverings - Electrical installations - Heating, air conditioning, ventilation - Sanitary equipment, kitchen, swimming pool - Natural resource management, ecology - Pollution - Urban and industrial waste - Water treatment - Recycling
March 12th, 2024
Maintenance - Engineering
March 13th, 2024
Hygiene, perfumes, cosmetics - Health, medicine - Medical professions - Hospital - Pharmacies, analysis laboratories - Medical Equipment

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