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Work conditions in Senegal

The Active Population in Figures

Labour Force 4,122,2664,252,3084,255,422

Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database

Total activity rate 47.13%47.13%47.14%
Men activity rate 59.27%59.09%58.89%
Women activity rate 36.15%36.29%36.44%

Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database


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Working Conditions

Legal Weekly Duration
The legal weekly working hours are fixed at 40 hours.
Retirement Age
55 years
Working Contracts
There are two main types of contracts in Senegal.

The contract is a fixed-term contract when the duration is decided in advance, either by the agreement of the parties concerned or if it is maturing at a future date, i.e. an element that is certain in the future and which will put an end to the contract. The contract has to be approved by the Labour Inspector if its duration is for more than three months.

The contract that is not subject to any time period or where the duration is not precise is called an open-ended contract. In this case the visa from the Labour Inspector is not compulsory. The work legislation also provides for a trial period of a minimum of 3 months, renewable, for the executive staff and a one month renewable period for workers and other staff (see the National Collective Interprofessional Convention, CCNI).

Labour Laws
Consult Doing Business Website, to obtain a summary of the labor regulations that apply to local entreprises.

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Cost of Labour

Minimum Wage
In 2021, the minimum wage is 58,900 CFA francs (XOF) per month (hourly rate of 333.808 CFA francs) according to the Senegalese Ministry of Labour, Social Dialogue, Professional Organisations and Relations with Institutions.
Average Wage
The average monthly salary was estimated at 89,730 CFA francs in 2019, according to the Senegalese Ministry of Economy, Planning and Cooperation.
Social Contributions
Social Security Contributions Paid By Employers: Between 22 and 31.5% (depending on the nature of activity and the risk of accident or occupational disease).
Social Security Contributions Paid By Employees: Between 10% and 15% (depending on the nature of activity).

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Social Partners

Social Dialogue and Involvement of Social Partners
Practically inexistent.
Labour Regulation Bodies
Ministry of civil service, employment and professional organizations

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