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Main Useful Means of Transport
The Dakar Port Authority occupies a privileged position in the maritime traffic of West Africa. It is not only the central point of the country's traffic but also that of the region, in particular with Mali.
Senegal is equipped with three airports open to international traffic: the L.S. Senghor (Dakar) Airport, Cap Skirring and Saint Louis and 12 other airports open to domestic traffic.

The railway network is composed of two principal lines:
- Dakar - Thies - Louga - Saint-Louis;
- Dakar - Thies - Diourbel - Tambacounda - Bamako, with a branch line towards Kaolack. This line ensures the international traffic with Mali.

These two lines are open for the transport of merchandise and people. The rail network is used not only for transporting most of the mineral products and fuels but also a part of the agricultural produce.

The port of Dakar
Dakar Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Tourism and Leisure (in French)
Air Transport Organisations
National Agency of Senegal for Civil Aviation
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Infrastructure and Land Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening-up

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