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The distribution network in Rwanda

Evolution of the Sector
There are currently no accurate figures about the size of the retail market in Rwanda. As most countries in the region, foodstuff is purchased mainly traditionally (proximity stores, small kiosks, etc.). Though the presence of retail chains has been increasing in recent years, the future traditional shops are expected to maintain their prominent role. There are several national players in the retail sector, however the market is dominated by the Kenyan firm Nakumatt. In recent years the number of shopping malls has been increasing, with most of the centres including a supermarket (for instance, MTN Centre, CHIC, UTC, KCT, M-Peace and Market Plaza).
Market share

Foreign supermarket chains:

  •   Naivas (Kenyan)
  •   T-2000 Supermarkets (Chinese)

National supermarket chains:

  •   Crystal Mini Market
  •   Simba Supermarkets
  •   BIG Supermarket (Be Indangamirwa Generation Supermarket)
  •   SAWA City Supermarket
Retail Sector Organisations
Rwanda Private Sector Federation (RPSF)

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