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Arrange transport of goods to and from Romania

Main Useful Means of Transport
The rail network covers 11,385 km; the road network covers 198,817 km, of which 60,043 km are paved roads (including 228 km of expressway); and there are 1,731 km of navigable waterways (including 1,075 km on the Danube, 524km on secondary networks, and 136 km of canals).
The Port of Tulcea
Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport
Timișoara 'Traian Vuia' International Airport
Iași International Airport
George Enescu International Airport
Târgu Mureș Transylvania Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Romanian Ministry of Transportation
Air Transport Organisations
Romanian Civil Aviation Authority
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transportation
State Inspectorate for Road Transport Control
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transportation
Romanian Railway Licensing Body

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