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Starting a business in Qatar

Legal Forms of Companies

General Partnership
Number of partners: Two or more partners
Capital (max/min): No minimum capital required
Shareholders and liability: Shareholders are jointly and personally responsible for the liabilities of the company
Simple Partnership Company
Number of partners: Composed of two types of partners: Joint Partners and Trustee Partners
Capital (max/min): Company should have a minimum capital of QAR 200,000
Shareholders and liability: There are two types of partners and responsibilities: “joint partners” - who are empowered to administer the affairs of the company, and are jointly and personally responsible for the company’s liabilities - and “trustee partners”, who contribute to the company’s capital and whose responsibility is limited to the value of their shares in the capital
Private Shareholding Company
Number of partners: Minimum of five shareholders
Capital (max/min): The capital should not be less than QAR 2,000,000. The capital divided into equal shares of value and are transferrable.
Shareholders and liability: Shareholders liability for the company’s obligations is limited to the amount of the nominal value of the shares for which they subscribe.
Limited Liability Corporation (with Limited Liability)
Number of partners: Minimum two and maximum fifty partners. Foreign investors are allowed to hold a maximum of 49% in the company and the LLC must have one or more Qatari partners.
Capital (max/min): No minimum capital required
Shareholders and liability: Limited to the value of shares held in the company.
Sole Proprietorship Company
Number of partners: One natural or corporate person
Capital (max/min): Company must have a minimum capital of QAR 200,000, paid in full
Shareholders and liability: The company’s owner shall be personally responsible for company obligations, unless he separates his personal interests from that of the company.
Holding Company
Number of partners: A joint stock, limited liability or one-person company financially and administratively controlling one or more other companies by holding at least 51% of the shares of such companies
Capital (max/min): Company must have a minimum capital of QAR 10,000,000 (to be opened as a public shareholding company)
Shareholders and liability: Depending on the type of the controlled companies, as the case may be.

Business Setup Procedures

Setting Up a Company Qatar Middle East & North Africa
Procedures (number) 8.0 6.3
Time (days) 8.7 19.5

Source: Doing Business - Latest available data.

The Competent Organisation
Companies must be registered under Qatar's Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the Commercial Registration and Licenses Department.
For Further Information
Consult Doing Business Website, to know about procedures to start a Business in Qatar.
UHY Ammo & CO Qatar, a guide to starting a business in Qatar.
Ministry of Economy and Commerce, procedures to start a new business in Qatar.

Financial Information Directories

Dun & Bradstreet - Worldwide directory with financial information on businesses

Public Register - Companies Registration Office database by the Qatar Financial Centre

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