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Internet access
Poland with its population of over 38 million people is the sixth most populated EU country and one of Europe’s fastest-growing e-commerce markets. It’s now estimated about 78.1% of the total Polish population has access to the internet versus 33% in 2004 (ITU). As of 2017, Poland has a population of 30.9 million of online users who were aged 15 and older. The estimated number of smartphone users in Poland in 2017 reached 16.7 million (Statista). The most popular web search engines in Poland are Google.pl, Wirtualna Polska, Onet.pl and Interia.pl, with Google dominating the market with a market share of almost 97.5%.
E-commerce market
The e-commerce market is booming in Poland. By the end of 2017, the Polish e-commerce market was estimated at US$ 11.1 billion, a number that is expected to reach US$ 13.8 billion at the end of 2018 and US$ 17 billion by 2020. Allegro Group is the largest player on the Polish B2C E-Commerce market. This dominant multi-product Polish auction platform, ranks first both in market share and in website visits. More than 60% of Internet users in Poland associate Allegro with online shopping. Groupon is the second largest e-commerce website in Poland. Among the most popular online specialised stores in Poland are EMPIK, RTV Euro AGD, DOZ.pl, ROSSMANN, SMYK and KOMPUTRONIK. Poland's online B2C retail market has also been boosted thanks to rapid developments in mobile commerce. Between 2015 and 2016, the share of Internet users that use their smartphones for shopping and other related activities almost doubled. The mobile segment is the fastest growing part of the e-commerce market, and it currently generates over 20% of sales. Almost 90% of Internet users use mobile devices to go online, and over 20% use them for online shopping. Cross-border online shopping is also a significant trend. The most popular cross-border markets for Polish shoppers are the UK, Germany and the US. One in four Polish e-consumers make purchases from foreign online sellers, such as eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon, where they shop for clothing, shoes, home furnishings and automotive accessories. Currently, e-commerce accounts for 7% of retail sales, and it is expected to reach 10% in the next 2 to 3 years.
E-commerce sales and customers
With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, over half of internet users in Poland can be identified as e-consumers, which represented approximately 12 million people in 2017, spending each US$ 735 on average per year, according to E-commerce Wiki. Polish online shoppers are primarily people aged 50 years or younger, with a secondary or university degree and living in larger cities. There are more women than men who make online purchases in Poland. Poland’s e-commerce sales growth rate has been significantly higher than the average in eastern Europe and can be essentially attributed to consumers in the age group 25-34, of whom more than two-thirds make purchases online. In 2017, Polish B2C e-commerce sales turnover grew by 17% reaching US$ 10.94 billion, according to E-commerce Wiki. The most purchased products in the Polish e-commerce sector are clothing and accessories, books, CDs, films and multimedia, whereas the most widely offered product categories are home and garden, followed by sports and hobbies accessories, clothing and shoes. Fashion is currently the leading product category, accounting for US$ 2.8 billion market share, followed by electronics & media, which generates US$ 2.01 billion in sales. Polish consumers purchase their online ordered goods or services via bank transfers. Another popular payment method is payment on invoice. A typical online payment method in Poland is PayU, used more frequently than PayPal.   
Social media
The leading social media in Poland are You Tube, Facebook, Google Plus, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter and Instagram. The Polish social network Nk.pl (Nasza Klasa) used to take the leading position in the social media market in Poland. However Facebook has been the most popular social media in the country since 2011. Facebook and Twitter have grown in strength among Polish internet users. The number of people visiting Facebook per month is over 20 million, meaning that 80% of all Polish internet users use this service, although only 14 million of them have Facebook accounts. Twitter achieved a figure of over 3.3 million users in 2017 (13 % of all Polish internet users). The professional social networking platform Linked-in accounts for a less significant penetration rate in the Polish market, but it's still a popular tool in the country.

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