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Investment framework and opportunities in Norway

Procedures Relative to Foreign Investment

Freedom of Establishment
Acquisition of Holdings
A majority holding by a foreign owned company  in a Norwegian one is legal, and requires no notification to of clearance of a governmental agency. However, in certain sectors governing vital national interests, such as the power and energy sector (including oil, gas and hydropower) and the finance sector (including financial, credit, and insurance institutions), certain limitations on ownership and business operations apply.
Obligation to Declare
No specific text of law regulates foreign direct investments, but various sectors are governed by specific laws, which are handled by the respective ministries that oversee these sectors.
Competent Organisation For the Declaration
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
Norwegian Competition Authority
Requests For Specific Authorisations
Companies must obtain a concession to acquire rights to own or use various kinds of real property, including forests, mines, tilled land, and waterfalls. The Petroleum Act of November 1996 (superseding the 1985 Petroleum Act) establish that direct investments in petroleum exploration and exploitation are subject to a government licence. Media ownership is regulated by the Media Ownership Act of 1997 and the Norwegian Media Authority. No individual party, domestic or foreign, may control more than 1/3 of the national newspaper, radio and/or television markets without a concession. Financial Supervisory Authority permission is required for acquisitions of Norwegian financial institutions that exceed defined threshold level.

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Investment Opportunities

Investment Aid Agency
Invest in Norway (Innovation Norway)
Start and run a business in Norway
Tenders, Projects and Public Procurement
Doffin, Public Procurement portal
Tenders Info, Tenders in Norway
Ted - European public markets, Business opportunities in EU 27
DgMarket, Tenders Worldwide
Other Useful Resources
Oslo Chamber of Commerce
Kvasir Business Search Engine (in Norwegian)
Nortrade - Official Norwegian Trade Portal

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