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The distribution network in North Macedonia

Evolution of the Sector
North Macedonia's retail sales rose by a real 7.1% year-on-year at the end of May 2018, according to the country's statistical office, Makstat. In nominal terms, retail sales grew by 10.8% on the year in May 2018.

Since North Macedonia is a land-locked country, sea freight arrives primarily from the port of Thessaloniki in Greece, and less frequently from the ports in Piraeus (Greece) and Durres (Albania). Air freight arrives at one of North Macedonia’s two airports: in Skopje and Ohrid.  Information about cargo operations at Skopje’s airport can be found here. Goods also arrive overland by truck and by rail.

In North Macedonia, most consumer goods are imported by distributors who resell to retailers. A few retailers import goods directly for sale in their own outlets. North Macedonia's retail sector is dominated by small shops. There are a few shopping malls in North Macedonia, including Skopje City Mall, which opened in 2012. Most of the typical distribution channels are available, although they often lack the sophistication found in EU markets. Two large foreign supermarket chains are present in the market: Vero (part of the Greek Veropoulos group) and Turkish Ramstore.  Local grocery retailers include Tinex and Kam Market.
Market share
Even though the country is small, there is not a major leader in the distributing market.  This market is very fragmented: there are many independent sellers, small shops and stands, supermarkets, street vendors, etc.

Specialized stores are quickly expanding in the larger cities.

The Greek supermarket chain Veropulos (also known as Vero) dominates the market, there are 11 stores in the country and plans to continue expanding (by the end of 2017)

The Turkish supermarket chain Ramstore supplies telecommunication products and services, it is the leader chain with more than 40 stores in the country.

Retail Sector Organisations
Economic Chamber of North Macedonia
North Macedonian Chamber of Commerce
North Macedonian Ministry of Economy

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