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The distribution network in Namibia

Evolution of the Sector
Namibia has a small population (about 2.3 million people) covering a huge stretch of desert on Southern Africa’s west coast. About 40 percent of the population lives in urban areas, which consists of a few urban centers and surroundings where most trade is modernised.

According to A.T Kearney 2016 report, Namibia’s high GDP per capita (just under $11,000) and relatively large affluent population make it a strong location for specialty retail and upmarket offerings. Many retailers have already entered. This is not to say there is no space for good and better offerings, branded concepts, high quality, or greater value concepts. The middle class is definitely growing, as are consumer spending. To enter here, a retailer will have to assess its offering against the competitive environment and see if it can be a valuable addition to the market place.
Market share

Namibia retail market, as the other regional markets, is divided between informal and formal retail. The latter is growing continuously and gaining market shares.
Here are the main giant players in the Namibian market:

Retail Sector Organisations
Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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