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The distribution network in Mozambique

Evolution of the Sector
According to the 2016 A.T. Kearney report, Mozambique emerged as the 15th most attractive country for these bonds. The consulting firm believes that the Mozambican retail sector is dominated by South African companies, particularly Shoprite, but also that the impact of economic growth, the highest in Africa, mainly related to mining activity is not felt to a great extent in the cities. International investors remain cautious in a country with deteriorating political risk.
The remoteness of mining activities from urban centers combined with Mozambique’s sheer size mean that the impact is not felt in the cities but rather much further away. At the same time, consumer spending per capita growth is slowing down, and urbanization is not increasing, creating a compound effect for the retail sector.
Market share

The main international retailers in Mozambique are:

Retail Sector Organisations
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mozambique

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