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Main Useful Means of Transport
Over the last two decades Morocco spent an average of about MAD 40 billion on transport and logistics, upgrading consistently its network.
Roadways dominate inland transport in Morocco, providing 90% of the mobility of the people and 85% of flows of goods except phosphate. As of January 2020 Morocco’s road network consists of more than 57,330 km of road, of which around 43,500 is paved.
Morocco’s railway network includes 1300 km of track, with 120 stations serving passengers as well as freight.
Bestowed with a 3,500 km long coastline distributed on the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea, 95% of Morocco’s external trade is carried on through maritime transport. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Transport, during the first eleven months of 2018, 122.8 million tonnes of goods transited through Moroccan ports. The Moroccan freight transport fleet is made up of 8 vessels active belonging to 7 shipping companies.
Website of Moroccan ports
National Office of Airports
Sea Transport Organisations
Merchant Navy Department (DMM) of the Ministry of Equipment and Transports (in French)
Air Transport Organisations
Department of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport (in French)
Road Transport Organisations
Department of Roads and Road Traffic of the Ministry of Equipment and Transports
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Equipment and Transports

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