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Arrange transport of goods to and from Luxembourg

Main Useful Means of Transport
Luxembourg has an excellent road infrastructure. Air transportation is also facilitated by the presence of a specialized airline company, Cargolux, one of the greatest exclusively cargo companies in Europe. Finally, merchandise transportation by rail is in full development. In 2007, the first long distance plain rail highway began to operate, connecting Perpignan (France) and Luxembourg. Conceived as an alternative to road transport, it allows road transporters to transport by train, without neither tractors nor drivers, overnight 40 tractor trailers, which equals cca 30,000 tractor trailers per year.
Port of Mertert
Aviation Administration
The Luxembourg Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport Navigation Service
Air Transport Organisations
Direction of Civil Aviation (DAC) of the Ministry of Transport
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport: Direction of Road Transports
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport, Direction of railways
Ministry for the Middle Classes, Tourism and Housing
The CFL rail company

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