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Main Useful Means of Transport
The two mostly operated ports are the port of Beirut and the port of Tripoli. The Port of Beirut is the largest shipping and clearing point in Lebanon, through which approximately 70% of the incoming and outgoing trade traffic to and from the country passes. The port has a direct connection with 56 ports on the three continents, while receiving and exporting goods in cooperation with 300 other ports worldwide. In 2018 (latest data available), the Port of Beirut received about 7.05 million tons of goods, representing 72% of the total imports of goods across the sea, compared to exports of nearly one million tons, representing 78% of the total volume of exports. Nevertheless, the port was seriously damaged in a massive explosion in August 2020, thus the Supreme Defense Council recommended preparing the port of Tripoli in the northern area of the country to secure commercial voyages for imports and exports.

Beirut International Airport was reconstructed during the 90's and is the only international airport in the country. The Trans-Mediterranean Airways - TMA based at Beirut airport is the only one authorized in the transport of cargoes. According to the latest data from the World Bank, in 2018 57 million ton-km of goods were transported by air.

Concerning ground transport, Lebanon is endowed with 2 international freeways, one following the coast from north to south and the second eastward, "the Arabic freeway". There is also an archaic railroad line which was severely damaged by the civil war, the reconstruction of which would be difficult because of the violations of private property on this line.

Port of Tripoli (website available in Arabic only).
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Sea Transport Organisations
Beirut Port Authority

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