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Type of Production
The industrial sector represents 21% of the GDP. It is mainly made up of the industries processing cocoa, coffee and shea. The petroleum industry is growing.
Multi-sector Directories
African Yellow Pages - Ivoiry Coast - Ivoity Coast Yellow Pages
Annuaire CI - Côte d’Ivoire business directory
Annuaire.gouv - Public services directory
AZ - Côte d'Ivoire - Ivoity Coast business directory
Business Info CI - Financial business information
CI Entreprises - Ivoity Coast business directory
Dun & Bradstreet - Worldwide directory with financial information on businesses
Go Africa - Côte d'Ivoire - Directory companies of Côte d’Ivoire
OHADA's RCCM Portal - Register of African companies
Port Abidjan - Abidjan autonomous port directory
Pratik - Business directory in Ivoiry Coast
Yalwa - Ivoity Coast business directory
Yello - Business directory

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Professional Associations by Sector
24 professional associations listed for the Ivory Coast.
Trade Agencies and Their Representations Abroad
Ivory Cost Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Contact Your Commercial Representations in the Ivory Coast
Contact the British Embassy in Ivory Coast.


Marketplaces incorporated in the country
Marketplaces present on the continent

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