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Type of Production
The Manufacturing industry represents 12.6% of the GDP. With the Central American Common Market and the FTAA, Guatemala has at its disposition an advantageous market which it makes good use of.  With the establishment of maquilas ("in-bond" industries), the maquiladoras sector has become one of the most important sectors for the country.
Guatemala also has a considerable and competitive chemical industry.
The other important sectors are: the cosmetic, paper, metal products, construction materials and crystal industries.

In conclusion, the production structure of the Guatemalan market is oligopolistic, which tends to be a handicap for competition but which has the advantage giving the investors a large choice and the country is not dependant on a single sector.

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Professional Associations by Sector
26 professional associations listed for Guatemala.
Trade Agencies and Their Representations Abroad
Guatemala Chamber of Commerce (Spanish only)
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Contact the British Embassy in the United Kingdom.


Marketplaces incorporated in the country

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Fairs and Trade Shows

Trade Shows Database
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Upcoming Trade Shows
May 1st, 2023
Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Textiles, ready-to-wear - Textiles, ready-to-wear: unspecified
November 1st, 2023
Automobiles, lorries - Automobile manufacturing, lorries - Automobile subcontracting, lorries - Embedded systems
November 1st, 2023
Construction, public works - Masonry, carpentry, pipework - Waterproofing, roofing, plumbing, carpentry - Painting, door and window frames, wall and floor coverings - Electrical installations - Heating, air conditioning, ventilation - Sanitary equipment, kitchen, swimming pool - Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Hardware, tools, accessories - Professional hardware - Home repairs, DIY
May 1st, 2024
Machine tools, agricultural machinery - Textiles, ready-to-wear - Textiles, ready-to-wear: unspecified

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