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With a GDP per capita of USD 2,370 (IMF, 2021), Ghana is a relatively rich country compared to the rest of West Africa and has one of the highest growth rates in the regions (6.5% in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic according to the IMF). The country boasts a sizeable consumer market with a population of 30.78 million (IMF, 2020). Ghana is also one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Ghana also has a very young population with a median age of 21 years (CIA Wolrd Factbook, 2020 est.) and an urban population much higher on average than most African countries (56.7% of the population live in urban areas compared with the Sub-Saharan average of 40.7% - World Bank, 2019 latest data available). The young generation is educated (with a youth literacy rate exceeding 90% against 79% for the adult population - World Bank, latest data available) and attracted to foreign products and show a broader interest in shopping in general.
Consumer Behaviour
Ghana's rapid economic growth, spurred by political stability, high gold and cocoa prices and oil revenue, has transformed its retail market. Affordability and trust are the two main criteria that determine the purchase decisions of Ghanaians. Compared to other African countries, Ghanaian consumers are more receptive to advertisements and show a stronger interest in promotions and attractive packaging. They are also more willing to try new brands and are better connected with the media (Nielsen Survey). As the retail market became more sophisticated, Ghanaians have grown to appreciate foreign products, especially clothing and pharmaceuticals. That being said, supermarkets and modern retail outlets have difficulty gaining a foothold, as traditional channels such as container shops and roadside kiosks maintain their strong position.
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Consumer Advocacy Centre Ghana
Consumer Protection Agency Ghana
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Innova DDB
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