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Main Useful Means of Transport
With a turnover of approximately EUR 260 billion, logistics is the third largest sector of our economy: every year, 4.3 billion tonnes of goods are transported on German roads, railways and waterways.
According to the latest data by Eurostat, rail transport represented 19.8% of the total freight transport in Germany, whereas inland waterways was 7.4% and road transport accounted for nearly 73%.
Due to the size of the country and its location in the middle of Europe, German roads continue to top the list for European-wide international road freight transport: 27.0 % of all tonne-kilometres performed in international road freight transport (corresponding to around 163 billion tonne-kilometres) took place in Germany, with a decrease of 4.5% compared to 2017.
Port of Hamburg
Port of Bremen
Port of Rostock
Port of Wilhelmshaven
Berlin Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport
Air Transport Organisations
German Civil Aviation
Road Transport Organisations
DEGES (German only)
Rail Transport Organisations
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