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International convention and customs procedures of Georgia

Non Tariff Barriers
Georgia is considered to be one of the most open countries in the world regarding the creation of companies. The greatest barrier to doing business with Georgia is the chronic political instability of the region, especially the diplomatic imbroglio with Russia, or the border disputes with Russia and Armenia.
Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports
Between 0 and 12% according to the product.
Customs Classification
Customs duties to be paid by the foreign importer in Georgia vary according to the type of product.
Import Procedures
Importing requires a minimum of a declaration, an invoice, and a certificate of origin bearing the confirmation of the Customs authorities in the country of export. The documentation accompanying the product must prove that it complies with Georgian technical standards of quality and security.
Importing Samples
Samples must be declared on entering the country. They are totally or partially exempt from import charges (but they are subject to Customs duties) for a certain period. The temporary import procedure must not exceed 2 years.

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