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Main Useful Means of Transport
The Czech Republic has no sea access and makes only limited use of river transport. The road and railway networks are the most important means of transport for the economy. Given the country's location as a major European crossroad, these networks are very well developed. The road infrastructure connects major economic areas within the country as well as providing direct links to neighbouring countries. There are five major international airports, which normally serve as a transport link for smaller products.
According to the Transport yearbooks of the Czech Republic, in 2019 the freight transport in the country was divided as follows (thousand tonnes):

  • Rail transport: 98,804
  • Road transport: 504,099
  • Inland waterway transport: 1,735
  • Air transport: 4
  • Oil pipeline transport: 14,177

Of these, 84.4% was made of domestic transport.

Václav Havel Airport Prague
Brno Airport
Ostrava Airport
Karlovy Vary International Airport
Pardubice Airport
Sea Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport (Water)
Air Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport (Air)
Road Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport (Road)
Rail Transport Organisations
Ministry of Transport (Railway)

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