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Arrange transport of goods to and from Cameroon

Main Useful Means of Transport
The transport in Cameroon is mostly by trucks. Thus, a difference is seen among the road vehicles and the lorry-trailer combinations. The  road vehicles have the driver's cabin and the truck box on the same frame. On the other hand, the lorry-truck vehicles are assembled vehicles; a road tractor and a tractor-trailer for example. The transport of goods is also undertaken by the rail thanks to the Camrail company. But the poor state of the tracks and the small number of working lines are a handicap for Rail transport.
Autonomous Port Organizations
International Airport of Douala
International Airport of Garoua
Sea Transport Organisations
National Port Authority
Air Transport Organisations
The National Airlines Company
Road Transport Organisations
Directorate of Road Transport of the Cameroon Ministry of Transport
Decentralized Services Department of the Cameroon Ministry of Transport
Rail Transport Organisations
The Cameroon Railway Company

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