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The distribution network in Cameroon

Evolution of the Sector
In 1996, the Cameroon government conceded control of the state-owned Railways (REGIFERCAM). The activities of the Railways were heavy on the state budget. This privatization allowed the Railways to play an important role in the national economy as well as in the transport of goods.
Market share
The distribution market in Cameroon is mainly dominated by the local chain stores Dovv and Santa Lucia.
More recently, several French distribution chains have invested:

  • Casino has Casino supermarkets and a Leader Price store. Monoprix, on the other hand, left the market.
  • Carrefour has been in a partnership with the CFAO Group to build a 15,000 m² shopping centre that will open in 2021.
  • Super U

The Indian distributor Mahima, with its two general stores, continues to strengthen its positions in the Cameroonian market, following the wholesaler business model.

Retail Sector Organisations
Cameroon railway transport

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