Burkina Faso flag Burkina Faso: Buying and Selling

The distribution network in Burkina Faso

Evolution of the Sector
Currently, there are no reliable figures about the size of the retail market in Burkina Faso, however the country can be considered a small and undeveloped grocery retail market, characterised by low spending but high growth. Though Burkinabe consumers still prefer to buy from roadside markets or from farmers (keeping in mind that most of the crops come from subsistence agriculture), supermarkets are becoming more and more popular (a 2018 survey estimated that 31.4% of city dwellers now shop from supermarkets, mainly from the middle-class). As of now, there are no international grocery players in the country (unlike other neighbouring countries).
Market share

The main chains in Burkina Faso are:

  • Marina Market
  • Le Bon Samaritain
  • Scimas
  • Bingo Market
  • La Surface
  • Les Bons Amis

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