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The distribution network in Azerbaijan

Evolution of the Sector
Azerbaijan has gained its independence from the URSS in 1991 and its distribution sector has been in the ongoing process of development ever since. Local companies are often distributors for foreign brands. Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, and Russian products tend to dominate this price-sensitive market.
In 2015, SPAR supermarkets opened the first store in the capital city of Baku. At the end of 2017, the company had 7 points of sales in the country.
The old centralised state system is slowly disappearing, making way for small retailers and the few rare supermarkets. The distribution sector is dominated by the traditional bazaars. The two main distributors in the food sector are Catermar and Aramark.
Market share
SPAR has been the first foreign retailer to open several stores in the country since 2015. Today, they operate 7 stores and plan to expand the business.
As of today, there are no other foreign supermarket chains in Azerbaijan: one can purchase goods mainly in bazaars, in small shops or in a few mini-markets (only in bigger cities which count a majority of expatriates).
Retail Sector Organisations
National Confederation of Entrepreneurs
Ministry of Economy Azerbaijan

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