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International convention and customs procedures of Azerbaijan

International Economic Cooperation
Azerbaijan is a member of the main international organizations such as the World Bank. The Republic of Azerbaijan is also a member of the Asian Economic Cooperation Organization.
Non Tariff Barriers
Import of radioactive material, narcotics and psycho-pharmaceutic products is prohibited. Import of firearms, explosives and radioactive equipment meant for the petroleum industry requires the possession of a license.

The import of certain products, such as alcohol, tobacco, meat-based food products, etc. is limited by quotas or licenses for import.

The slowness and the corruption in the customs administration can also be a barrier at the time of import of products into Azerbaijan.

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports
Customs Classification
All the goods are classified according to the Republic of Azerbaijan's Customs Code. To consult this classification, visit the website of the Customs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Import Procedures
Customs procedures are defined by the new law on customs and the new Customs Code of 1997. All goods entering the territory have to be declared and all are subjected to taxes, except in the case of bilateral agreements. Certain products require a license for them to be imported, others are subjected to very high taxes.

All the information is available on the website of the Customs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Importing Samples
Samples have to be declared like all other goods.

For more information, visit the website of the Customs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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For Further Information
Customs office of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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