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Industrial and Manufacturing Profile

Industrial sector accounts 20% to the GDP.

Albania has considerable reserves of copper, coal, chrome and nickel. The government grants concessions to foreign companies for the exploitation of part of its metal ore reserves. The exploitation of coal and nickel mines has been privatized. In addition, the country has reserves of bauxite, phosphates and limestone which have not been exploited, as well as reserves of marble and stone which could be used in the building sector.

At the moment, in the industrial sector, the trend is towards small production lines. The sectors of agro-industry, textiles, shoes and wood have attracted a large number of small joint-ventures: textiles (37.4% of exports) and shoes (21% of exports) offer great opportunities for cooperation with foreign investors; the advantages offered by wood go from cutting to export, via the production of packaging. Albania imports 75% of what it consumes but its human (workforce) and natural (raw materials) advantages should favor the development of its industry.

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October 1st, 2023
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October 1st, 2023
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